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Whatsapp Twin App Cannot Add Contact

Rising Star I
The reason for me to get zenfone 6 is because it's offer triple slot. And I need it's clone app for my whatsapp, but the whatsapp twin app cannot add my contact list, the firmware is 121. Is this a bug? Will it be fix if this a bug? What was the point of dual apps if it not working then ?

Hall of Fame III
The normal fix for this is to remove the twin app and add it again. It will be able to read the contact list from your google account backup but you won't be able to add contacts from your twin app because of a limitation.

Rising Star I
thing is I don't backup contact to my email. hope asus twin app just as good as other brand clone app

Star III
even the twin app is unable to send new messages to new contacts. it shows a message unimplemented. And this issue is there from 2 years. to be fair asus implementation of the twin app is not good. please improve it.

Star I
i think you need to update whatsapp to latest version after that try, also clear all whatsapp data in android