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USB-C to HDMI support for Zenfone 6

Rising Star I
Does Zenfone 6 support USB-C to HDMI? If I want to mirror my phone to an external display (say a TV), the current option is to wirelessly project/mirror the phone's screen, which is obviously not that stable. There is a lot of lag irrespective of the phone model or manufacturer. So, if I intend to mirror my phone's screen via a USB-C to HDMI cable, will Zenfone 6 support it?

Hall of Fame III
Yes, I have. Does it work every time without any headache? Nope, it doesn't! You may need to press connect a couple of times and maybe even restart your phone. But it works!
Displaylink which is the technology that we're using in ZenBeam Go and ZenScreen Touch works much better but it's not compatible with iPhone which EZcast DUO is.