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Unresponsive screen

Star I
The screen on zenphone 6 just freezes . Does not respond to any touch. I have to use power button to turn screen off and on again. Is anyone facing this issue ? I am in refund period and am seriously considering returning. Rest all device is ok. Just this screen issue is driving me crazy. I have tried factory reset as well . Issue persists

Star II
Even i went to service centre....They had given me phone by previous update saying that update is causing that issue...But suddenly on that day itself the current .174 has been downloaded where I am not aware of it is software issue...I have been contacting Asus from twitter as well as customer service and their reply is to wait till the next update....I read somewhere in zentalk that the recent update has affected motherboard....Do u think that our phones have affected it.....

Star II
I hope your issue is also solved....It has been one week since my phone is functioning good

Hall of Fame III
The screen issue you're experiencing and the issue with restarting devices are not connected. It sounds like hardware failure and if the Service Center downgraded your FW once, then they can't do the same thing again.