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Unresponsive screen

Star I
The screen on zenphone 6 just freezes . Does not respond to any touch. I have to use power button to turn screen off and on again. Is anyone facing this issue ? I am in refund period and am seriously considering returning. Rest all device is ok. Just this screen issue is driving me crazy. I have tried factory reset as well . Issue persists

Star II
The same issue is happening with me also bro.....I have done factory reset 3 times and booted to safe mode multiple times...I have also visited service centre and they give me the mobile by previous software and later on August security patch has been released....But still the problem is existing for me and I am pissed off with that....Can u please give me your WhatsApp number....

Rising Star II
Return and refund and buy a OnePlus 7. Don't commit the mistake many made myself included

Star II
Nope bro...The return period has been expired...Hope they will fix it with the next update....

Zen Master III
How could they fix a problem that only affected 2 users and which did not even help the factory reset, so it is a clear HW fault at least of touch screen digitizer. If the return period has expired, you must send your phone for repair.