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Unable to set .mp3 Ringtones [SOLVED!]

Rising Star II
Unable to set custom .mp3 ringtone using default Media Storage app. I have tried multiple ringtones, different lengths and file sizes. I get the message as shown in the screenshot.
I can set ringtone using 3rd party apps from playstore, but it's a pain if I need to set custom notification tone for apps or specific contact.
Any Fix!!

Hall of Fame III
Well, android is quite picky with which format and container you are using. Many .MP3 are not using a MP3 container. This is why it's complaining about the format in your screenshot.
The easiest way for you to make sure that your downloaded downloaded ringtone will work is to convert it with an app like "Audio Media Converter" from play store

Rising Star II
@Anders_ASUS I don't think the issue is with the format or container for 2 reasons:
1. 3rd party apps will let me set the ringtone, only inbuilt media storage app has the issue. (setting custom notification tone for apps is a tedious thing to do with 3rd party app)
2. I have another Android phone running Pie with the same .mp3 ringtones and it has no such issues.

Hall of Fame III
3rd party apps will most likely transcode into the most commonly used format by default to make sure that it works on all phones.
I don't know why the same ringtone worked on your other phone. Maybe that phone supports more formats?

Star I
Select media storage, click on + icon on right top of the screen, add the song. Then you can select it