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Suggestions for zenfone 6

Star I
1. Please add auto brightness switch in notification panel of Zenfone 6(2019).
2. I can't choose external video player while playing video from gallery. Gallery automatically chooses its internal player to play the video.
3. The phone is getting heated up while charging and it stopped charging. So for full charge I have to charge it twice.

Star I
I would love more aggressive bass for headphones.. my old phone used to blow my eardrums at 50%, the zenfone severely limits high bass track making the track sound quiet when the bass drops.. its not such funny experience, and the only thing that can break is ones external speakers or headphones, but if you're clever you use ones that can take bass..
Would also love the see the flashlight feature available for long press of the google assistent button.
the phone's top speaker is way less loud than the bottom speaker, harming the stereo effect severly
The lowest brightness is ok but the night filter isn't intense enought to prevent my eyes from hurting, i suggest doubling the max intesitiy.

Hall of Fame III
You can get pretty heavy bass already today if you tweak AudioWizard the right way.
This has already been requested and forwarded to our devs
We know but the only solution would be to lower the overall volume which I'm pretty sure no one wants. Here's something you can do which some would see as a cheap trick but it actually works to improve upon the stereo effect
It's pretty red already. If you feel that your eyes are hurting, maybe it's a sign that you should go to bed instead of boosting that red and go at if for another hour or two 😉