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Smart Lock broken after Android 10 update

Star III
Hello, looks like Smart Lock has some problems since the update to Android 10. My phone no longer stays unlocked when I'm at home or work & appears that the onbody detection isn't working either.
Can anyone confirm if this just my phone or a general bug?

Star III
Log sent, hope it helps.

Star I
Having this problem too. Hope there's a resolution.

Community Legend I
I was just notified that this is a general Android 10 issue, we are able to recreate this on other Android 10 phones like the Pixel.
We have notified Google, it will be up to them to resolve it.

Zen Master III
It is interesting that Smart Lock works for me in A10 at least as reliably as in A9 (rarely does not work).

Zen Master I
It works fairly well for me too. It does, though, maybe once a day lock when it shouldn't. I wish (tangent here) that google would allow smartlock to work based on wifi connection instead of location. I think gps looses location sometimes and it locks. That may be wrong, but wifi option would be good. Nothing to do with asus, though.