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Phone feature suggestions

Star II
Have been really excited about this phone, however there are several basic things that are lacking with this phone.
Essential improvements:
1. The ability to use the wide angle camera lens in 3rd party apps. It would be nice if we could switch the camera being used via the navigation bar flip toggle setting (which is used to change the angle of the tilt of the camera)
2. Better dual sim usage. The current interface is not very user friendly in identifying before you start calling, which sim you are using. Most other dual sims will have a selection in the notification bar as to which phone is the primary phone number that you would call out with. Also, the interface would change to that designated colour to indicate which sim is selected so you know which one you will be calling out with. Currently its very confusing to know which sim will call out with on the phone.
3. Voice activation for camera photos eg saying "Cheese" or "Smile" will trigger the camera to take a photo. As the camera doesn't have image stabilisation, particularly when taking selfies, having to press the screen to take photos causes vibration and blurring of the images. By having voice activation (eg saying "Smile" or "cheese") helps with that.

Desirable improvements:
4. More complex alarm settings - eg simple maths puzzle to turn off alarm, being able to turn the phone over to snooze
5. Being able to see what the different times are in different time zones eg if it is now 9am in Sydney, what the time is in New York etc.

Star II
Actually, the alarm snooze by math puzzle as well as the voice activation from selfie are both features implemented by LG and works great! The voice activation selfie mode with LG works great in all environments. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find another camera app that is able to replicate LG's stock voice activation feature.

Star III
Voice activation for photography is great & something I have used a lot in the past on Samsung & Huawei phones - I thought it was part of stock Android actually!
It allows for selfies posed while doing something with both hands & therefore also allows the photo to be taken from further away without an arm showing & on a stable surface.