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Notification panel

Rising Star II
 when i swipe once for notification panel not able to change option like going from ringer to vibrate in one click( it doesnt respond) have to try two to three times and then theres auto rotate problem
Have to restart everytime to set it right again.look into the issue


Hall of Fame III
Are you saying that the quick button four vibrate mode in the quick setting menu is not working unless you press it 2-3 times? Is it possible for you to capture this with the built in screen recorder and post it here? Are you on the latest FW?
I just emailed our developers to hear what the latest status is regarding auto rotate.
I wanted to screen record when the issue came but as soon as i drag down notification panel to look for screen recorder it works
Ah, you found a workaround so we don't need to fix it xD
Kidding! ok, just to confirm, the button works again if you exit the quick menu and open it again?