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Need support to update security path level

Star III
Model Name: Zenfone 6Z
Firmware Version: WW_18.0610.2106.156
issue: Unable to update security path level. (update date: 01-06-2021)
Hi All,
I have tried to update security path level in my mobile. But unable to update it. Please help me anyone to update the security path level to recent version.

Please share easiest way to update.

Star III
@fussion_ASUS Hi, i requested a support and you have replied before 2 & half month ago. But still no updates regarding the subject. Please reply with higher priority.

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@fussion_ASUS & @Anders_ASUS I have posted the request exactly 3months ago. Now 4th month 1st day. Still now further notice received.
Hope from ASUS no one is ready to support for their customers.

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Hope no one will give support from ASUS. Please ensure.

Rising Star I
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