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Incoming call plays through speaker

Star I
Since the he last update, Whenever I answer a call, sound comes through the speaker for the speaker phone instead (but not loudly) of the headset, but microphone is still in 'handheld' mode. If I turn the speakerphone on, it works the way it should hands-free. If i turn the speakerphone off again, it will usually, but always, resume working like it's supposed to. Sound and microphone work properly when on my ear. It's really hard to find explain and extremely frustrating!! I am using the default dialer and have updated my apps. Android 10, no updates available for the OS.


Zen Master I
Yeah it has been reported. Are you on tmobile?

Star I
Yes. i noticed it today in my phone. Once you answer the call the sound is coming from the bottom speaker. If you just activate and deactivate speaker mode(hands-free),it is working fine.