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How to downgrade to Android 10

Rising Star I
Please tell us some basic information before asking for help:
Model Name: ZenFone 6 ZS630KL
Firmware Version: WW_18.0610.2011.107
Rooted or not: No
Frequency of Occurrence: every time
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): Youtube Music
Look, I don't like this android 11 on zenfone 6.
First, on this version zen ui launcher I can't change icon pack anymore, the option wasn't there.
Second, I don't know if it's android 11 behavior or a bug, but after closing youtube music, the media control doesn't disappear, I have to restart the phone to make it disappear
Third, seems like asus programmer didn't do anything to their crappy twin apps. It still can't access contact for whatsapp.
So how can I downgrade to android 10? I've tried to download android 10 firmware and place it on microsd, and then try to install it via recovery mode but it didn't work

Rising Star I

1. "Icon pack support has been removed from the launcher" yes that's true from what I know this was done to avoid some compatibility issues (other OEMs have did the same afaik)

But still there are many icon packs you can apply through their apk (many support Zen ui launcher)

2. Did you try sliding the notification away?left or right? What's the behaviour then? (This might be an isolated software glitch with you)

3. You have to link your Google account to access saved contacts in twin apps settings for the cloned app

And please don't don't disrespect the devs even if there are some bugs, you may not agree but Asus did work pretty hard on Zenfone 6's beta program this year, it got 14 fricking beta's in total and Zenfone 6 remains one of the only 2019 devices leaving pixels to get updated to android 11.

Plus this time the experience has been very stable for everyone leaving a few cosmetic bugs that's rather good as a jump from one android os version to another brings various bugs with it (just look at the amount of complains on oneplus forums regarding oos 11)

If you find a bug report it to the mods it'll be fixed in the next ota

Asus added almost all Zen ui 7 features to Zenfone 6 icon style,accent color support, animation speed support in ui itself,Rog like game genie, battery care features,a smoother and aesthetically better ui and the removal of bloat like avast

That's all I gotta say

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1) ok then, now I know why.
2) I already swipe it but weirdly it's comeback after a while, so I have to restart my phone to make it disappear completely.
3) well, maybe you can put it that way, me disrespect the programmer. But for me what I'm saying is a expression of disappointment toward asus. One of the reason I bought zenfone 6 because it's said have twin app feature, a feature that I need because I can use it to split my whatsapp contact between private and work (I use 2 phone number). And I use clone feature for whatsapp on my two previous phone brand (x****i & s*****g) without hassle. So I expect clone feature working too on asus phone, because asus advertise this feature. I have this phone for almost a year, and that's a pretty long time for asus to fix this bugs. But I guest fixing twin app not their priorities, so I'm using another alternative for this bugs/issue.
We may not agree at each other as you said, but hard feeling, I respect your opnion

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Battery drains faster after Android 11 upgrade.

Zen Master I

Battery drains faster after Android 11 upgrade.

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Yeah i am also feeling this🤔sort of decreased

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Ok then, I'll download it first. Thank you

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Have you tried it? I am about to downgrade too, what tool you use?

Rising Star II

Have you tried it? I am about to downgrade too, what tool you use?

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Don't use this link, it is for 10-9 not for 11-10 , check this thread patiently