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How to downgrade from Android 10 to pie version 189

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@Anders_ASUS @LP_ASUS @CH_ASUS can you help me downgrade from Android 10 to pie version 189 as anyways you will not accept the issues with the camera on android 10 atleast very well help us downgrade to pie version 189.

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We don't have a tool available to downgrade to .189, but to .194. It is available here
Look for "Version Android Q downgrade to Android P" published on November 4th.

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Hey @LP_ASUS .194 version is having pink tint bug in pro mode and hence is unusable for people who use pro mode a lot , and hence the request , do you have downgradable file to any previous version?
I dont need 189 , anything before that is also fine , 174 or 156 or 133 , anything is fine ..
Cameras are just plain bad after android 10 , and 194 having pro mode issues , also gcam not working on the phone now... Users are very pissed about the camera
Plz give us any version before 189 , anything is enough , anything older version on pie
Thank you , appreciate it

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I don't have access to software builds that aren't available on the public site. I can forward your request but I'm not sure if it's possible.