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Has the Android 11 update started for Asus 6Z (Zenfone 6 in India)

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I tried to update my 6Z phone from Android 10 to Android 11 but seems there is no update .Any 6Z users out there who got their phones updated to Android 11?If you did it manually then plz provide the steps

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Obviously man...if you have some automatic feature and you have to operate that feature manually...than what's a fun of saying it as a automatic feature.

Asus said they pushed the ota in batches so it'll take a week but after a week also I haven't recieved anything. Now service agent is saying update it manually. Why will I take a risk of that.

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Asus is not the only one to be honest, I did miss a couple of OTA updates on my old Xiaomi phone as well. The other alternative was to manually download the update from their official website and then update the device software. Manually updating the phone is as safe as updating throught OTAs. There's a checksum configured with every firmware to install on only the compatible devices. If the checksum is different it will not update your device by any means until your device(bootloader) is unlocked.
Asus has done a great job with Android 11 and you must try it.

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Has Anyone Got the OTA i still didnt receive it...Been Waiting and Waiting since 5days

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I also haven't recieved it yet as per @Averan they might have stopped pushing OTA. But it's a hunch...not confirmed. I am also waiting for an OTA or you can install it manually

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Do any of you guys who received the A11 update checked the security patch and play system update month in security settings, can you share a screenshot.

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I still have the latest version of Android 10. I'm in no hurry to update to Android 11, while I'm reading up on the experience. It bothers me that FNG isn't working. But I'll answer you anyway.

Google Play system update is independent od Android version, the latest one is dated December 1, 2020.

Security update version is encoded right in the firmware name from Asus:
WW_17.1810.2011.183 - the latest stable A10 - November 2020
WW_18.0610.2011.107 - the first stable A11 - November 2020