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Flip camera comes out side

Rising Star I
When u shake asus 6z mobile for 10 to 15 times flip camera comes out ,
Howerver it goes back ,
Asus you should have put a strong magintude power to attach camera to back it self ,
And while opening front camera power shall be lost
However i am thinking it is not durable for more than 9-12 months ,
Is there possiblity to get any hardware upgradation with free of cost at your service centres?

Rising Star I


In my country we say who wants to beat a dog, he always finds a stick. And this is how some users behave in this forum. I'm sad about reading some posts here.

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Hello Mr , please maintain some decent behaviour , i posted on my own why your including country ,
May be You beat dog with leg , but we don't as it was living thing we respect them , we only use stick to control them , and we don't eat them
I posted because i had faced problem ,
You put your phone in pocket and do jagging (like left and right) then see what happens to camera .
You put your phone in hand and dance enjoying with music then see what happens to camera.
U give your phone to illletrate person , u tell that camera will flip , then see what happens , he will shake mobile definitely because he don't know how it will come out

Zen Master III
In my country we say who wants to beat a dog, he always finds a stick. 
It's a proverb. Take it easy, it was meant in general about this forum not personally. In any case, I'm sorry.
Your next post has valid points.

Star III
Not a major problem for my usage, if it comes out a little bit, all I have to do is to use the tile to retract it.
But someone on the GCam telegram group uses it on his motorbike and the shaking opens the camera. For people that do this, I guess they should pick a different phone without moving cameras.

Zen Master I
...Or just use a double-sided tape and stick it 😛

Rising Star II
Damn are you serious ??? joke of the year 2019???? let ZenTalk have some fun man. "Double side-tape" oh god all devs would have started crying, thinking that we use our device that way.