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Feature request

Star I
Hi, I would like to request two basic features to be added in ZF6 next updates:
1st: In camera app it would be logical to have wide camera toggle before main camera one, so wide on the left, main on the right, following a linear order of zooming. Right now the toggles are reversed in order and this may sound silly but it just doesn't feel right.
2nd: Please enable accent color features to work in android Q, right now blue is the only one available, regardless of personal choice. I know this may be tricky for some reason but this phone lacks any kind of customization whatsoever and this feature would improve a lot its looks.
Thanks for your help!

Zen Master I
Lots of threads about the second one. Lots of work to do on their end apparently and not a high priority problem but apparently intended sometime in the future.

Star I
Yup. They took care of it alright. Latest update the whole menu has been scrapped off. Just hope they will readd the features again in next updates, they removed all theming features altogether, this is not cool at all.