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[Feature Request] Dismiss upcoming alarms

Rising Star I
It would be a welcome addition to the stock ASUS Clock app if it would display an actionable notification 60 or 90 minutes prior to the upcoming alarm, if any, that lets on dismiss it. This is vanilla behaviour of the Google Clock app.

Hall of Fame III
We will forward your feedback to our developers. Thank you!

Zen Master III
Why Asus wasted time in developing its own Clock app at all it's beyond me (*), when we can use more often updated and polished Google Clock app? I too missed above mentioned feature, so I must install Google Clock anyway despite that Asus Clock cannot be disabled.
(*) I am not dumb, I noticed that tabs are placed bottom on the screen, which is more useful on tall screens than top placed tabs and then there is even speaking clock feature (which I don't need as a Tasker user). But all of this is useless if you omit some basic features like the one discussed in this thread, or use a tiny thin and therefore hard to read font and waste 90% real estate of the screen.