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Color scheme bug

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System color scheme is set to light but the calculator's color scheme is dark even though it's set to "as system". I have attached video for it. @Anders_ASUS @CH_ASUS


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Apologies if I should start a new thread but along similar lines I notice even in dark mode the navigation bar shows up bright white.

In addition, when using VPN the line showing this in the toggles hasn't been themed dark.

But I hope both will be addressed when Asus leverage the built in dark mode from 10 ?

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What firmware are you running that is causing your Dark Mode to keep the navigation bar white? I'm on .189 and my navigation bar goes to a pretty dark grey.

Can you provide a screenshot/picture for your VPN issue?

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It's a very small thing tbh. Like a say the dark mode in 10 should resolve this!

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Also on .189, see the screenshot below

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I can definitely see what you're talking about on the 2nd picture. The 1st picture I see light grey, but I know what you mean, not true Dark Mode uniformity. Shades of grey and all that. 😉
If Android 10 doesn't resolve this for you, send me a PM or create another thread and I'll let the developers know.