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Camera cannot flip

Star I
Hi Asusians,

I am facing issue while switching to selfie mode and error is camera cannot flip and the picture automatically goes 180 degree opposite .

Anyone faced this issue. Any solution will be much appreciated

Zen Master I
The easiest potential solution is to check if your phone case doesn't interfere with proximity sensor. Try removing any case you have and try again.

Star II
I'm facing the same issue several times. And when it flips it doesn't take a picture.
I have to reflip it and try again. It's strange.
Other issue is when is mounted on the car dashboard on the horizontal it does not flip back entirely when engaged on the selfie mode.
Got the original case and before it was not interfering, this issue started only a few weeks ago.

Hall of Fame III
@pwnkmr1802 as ColorSage said, could be dirty/covered proximity sensor.
@Vêner Does it flip all the way? Does it seam to flip att normal or reduced speed? Is this behavior with our camera app?
If the phone is exposed to small vibrations during flipping, it might flip slower (more controlled) but it should still flip all the way unless it feels/believes that it could damage the camera if it continues. You shouldn't flip and drive 😉
It could be that there is something mechanically wrong. Best way to find out is to reset your phone. If it doesn't help, then you need to send it for service.

Rising Star I
I have this problem too, sometimes it said that the ''camera can't flip'' when I am trying to use the front camera.
resetting the phone to factory setting did not help.
maybe it's software problem.