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Camera cannot flip

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Asus 6z camera is not working properly. Problem in camera flipping feature.I am using brand new unrooted Asus 6z phone in India, on touching flip camera icon in Asus stock camera application to use it as front camera, it doesn't flips the view 180° and shows in reverse and shows a message "Camera cannot flip".
And when I click the flip camera icon again to use it as main rear camera, I doesn't retracts back and shows same message "Camera cannot flip" and keep the view reversed.
All of this happens when I hold it in Verticle Position. However if I hold it in Horizontal Axis parallel to ground - It works normally.
Another Problem - Unable to perform sensor calibration from calibrate camera angle option.
Please help to resolve this issue. 


Star II
I also had this problem. Camera flip wasn't working 100% of the times. Interestingly, removing my tampered glass fixed it immediately.

So if you have a worn out tampered glass, that's the culprit.

same as the above comment. Maximum times as in 4/5, the camera was not flipping. I removed the tempered glass, it is now working now at 100%.I guess the tempered glass messes with some sensor.

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Top picture is by motorized movement, bottom I did push by finger. Even calibration cannot hlep it.?

Camera flip is not working

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Get the camera can not flip message, but if I drag the camera icon up, it flips, no problem!!! Nothing blocking the front sensor,,,,,