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Bring back screen fade when turning off the screen plz!

Rising Star II
Hey, Asus team!
I made a discussions before about bringing back the screen fade when turning off the screen like there is when turning it on. In Android 9, the screen would both fade on and fade off whenever you turned the screen on or off. It had a very premium feel and I myself including over Asus phone owners liked it a lot. Many other phone companies have the fade on and off feature so I don't understand why Asus would remove it only for turning off the screen and leave it for when turning it on. I was told before by one of the moderators that they removed it because it was impractical to have a fade for when turning the screen off but It just makes the phone feel really inexpensive/cheap when the screen just abruptly turns off with no fade. It would mean a lot if you guys could add an option in the screen settings for us to turn on screen fade so that not everyone needs to use it. Please send this to the dev team. I know it's a small feature but it matters a lot and completely changes how the phone feels. Thank you and kindest regards ?