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Bluetooth Bug in .121 Update

Rising Star II
I'm noticing when I'm connected to Bluetooth sometimes a call or even a random notification will mute the sound on a Bluetooth connection. The only fix for this is to go into settings and sound settings and adjust the ringtone volume to let the ringtone play through the speakers and that unmutes the Bluetooth audio

For example if I'm listening to Spotify over Bluetooth in my car or my earpiece and I accept a call or a random notification will come through and mute the Bluetooth connection, Spotify will still be playing but I can't hear it until I go to sound settings in the settings menu and adjust the ringtone volume then it unmutes

Is anyone else experiencing this? I've tried different Bluetooth devices car and my earbuds and it's the same issue


Zen Master III
Thanks for your post. I have to say that it has already happened to me twice at least and so far I have not had time to analyze it in some detail, as you did it and probably it will be as you describe it. So I confirm this error.

Zen Master I
Haven't had any such issues thus far.

Rising Star II
Indeed I'm also facing this issue

Star II
I'm also having same issue.. and its very annoying 😑😑 when it will resolve god knows