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Best Browser

Star III
Hi ZenPhone owners,
Can someone suggest a good browser for daily use on the ZenFone 6? I have used Brave extensively since I purchased the phone, and although it works well 75% of the time, it does seem to freeze while loading a page after some extended browsing sessions, and to resolve it, I have to use the App Switcher to switch to a different app then return to the browser. I have also noticed slow load times lately even on a fast connection. I cleared my cache recently, so that shouldn't be an issue. I primarily got Brave for the ad-block extension built in, so slow page loading was not expected.
I assume Chrome has similar issues? Let me know what you all use, recommend, don't recommend, and/or have had great results using. 😁

Rising Star I
i use chrome and have had times where it would freeze up for several seconds but otherwise no real big issues with it. i used to use the new microsoft edge browser but decided to just stick with one across all my devices and just sided wiith chrome. it works ok for me on the z6

Rising Star II
I'm using chrome and Microsoft edge, both have same issue as you noticed. I am going to try Opera.

Zen Master III
I am using Chrome without issues, but I am using AdGuard.

Zen Master I
Never noticed any problems with Firefox.