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Asus Zenfone 6z having SIM services problems after Android 10 OTA update

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I recently updated my Asus Zenfone 6z to Android 10 (WW_17.1810.1911.110) via OTA. After the update, I am experiencing SIM services problems wherein the signal bars on both SIMs are completely gone. It shows no service most of the time. Here and there I get signal for a moment and then the phone completely restarts several times repeating the same procedure.
I experience this problem only after the Android 10 update. I felt like it was a premium phone the day I bought it but now it is disheartening for me. I wonder how ASUS was able to push this OTA update without proper testing. This is definitely a software issue due to the update and I would request someone to help me on this. Please let me know if ASUS can fix this via OTA through patches or should it be taken to a service center. I don't like my phone to be taken to the service center. I have attached the screenshot and video taken from the screen recorder option from 6z itself.
See the video and judge yourself on how the phone behaves after the update.


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iam Facing Same Issue, Please Help me to fix this Issue ASAP