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Asus Mobile Making Fraud With Me!! Help Me Please!!!!

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Model Name: Asus 6z
Firmware Version: 17.1810.2009.176
Rooted or not: not
Frequency of Occurrence: ----
APP Name & APP Version (If your issue relates to the app): No
RMA: AP67L81242
First Time My mobile gives problem of Network Related : Automatically Network is Turning Off and On Just like Flight Mode is turn On and Off. 
For This Issue i Submit My Mobile at ASUS Service Center Jalgaon on 19/08/2020 (Contact Name: Mayur Patil, Vivek Amode, Mob: 7400436621). 
After That The Transferred Mobile to PUNE Service Center after 4 to 5 days. (as they tell to me)
Then Mobile Arrived at PUNE and I call them and they say We Replaced Your Mobile's Motherboard.
Then on 08/09/2020 My Mobile is Arrived at Jalgaon. (I confirmed by calling them)
 Then on 09/09/2020 i Went to Jalgaon from my Town(Shirpur) which is about 120 Km Far from Jalgaon.
I Reached at Service Center they tell this is your phone and problem is solved and now go to your home. they are not allow to seat me there also not allow to check my full Mobile. and Again and Again saying Sign Here on the paper and go.
there are only 3 to 4 People in that Office. so i signed the paper and go to home(Shirpur.) 

Mobile Buy Date: 2019/08/31 
Expiry Date of Warranty/ Guarantee: 2020/08/31 (I submit mobile before Expiry date to get full resolution of problem.)
Now My Mobile Occurs Some Problems :
They Have't Change Motherboard: i am say this because, there is dust in my mobiles headphone jack and Charger Plug.
Slow Charging Issue : i Have seen the issue about Charging there are 2 + signs commonly, but after i got repaired my mobile from service center it not shows any + sign. But when i reboot my mobile with Charging is connected then it shows one + sign at battery, but if i remove charger and again plugin then it not show any + signs.
Also one more problem is detected, if i turn off mobile and plug charger then mobile is turn on and of continuously shows android asus logo and vibrate and turn off and on until i remove charger.
Mobile Crash and Shutdown While Using (Issue occurs 2 times till now)
Some Resources Proofs of Problem: 
2. See Screenshots at top at battery icon for slow charging issue
So Now, I want Full Refund of My Mobile or Solve My issue and Give me Warranty Extension(Because of Your bad Service) and ( If you not solve my issue then you have to pay for it ASUS.

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Sai Hithesh

I think motherboard itself is fault. Service your phone in known service center or else mention admin of this forum about your problem.

He may help you.

@Anders_ASUS is admin

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They say that they replaced motherboard...!!!

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They say that they replaced motherboard...!!!

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Maybe they are lying because the problem is not solved.

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They say that they replaced motherboard...!!!

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@Anders_ASUS Please can you look into this, I can definitely understand that you might be extremely busy, now that the announced date of A11 beta is not satisfied by Asus and fans are extremely disappointed because of that, you would be so busy looking after those comments and replying to them.
But more than that what Mr. Mukesh Badgujar is going through needs more attention than A11 beta in my opinion. He cannot even use his phone in this condition.
All Mr. Mukesh here will be expecting is, someone from Asus addressing his problem and give him a solution to resolve his issue.
So, I request you to kindly look into his issue ASAP and I hope with your expertise you will definitely be able to suggest him a solution to fix his issue.
If escalation of the issue is required please do that from your end, because even the service center personnel aren't helping Mr. Mukesh here.
Escalate it to the higher authorities if need be and kindly provide Mr. Mukesh a solution to fix the issue he is facing with his phone.

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Sai Hithesh

Maybe they are lying because the problem is not solved.

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Yes. they are lying

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I am a Software Developer so i got the exact problem at a time and tell them to solve but they cant.
if any one from non technical background then Asus will ignore them.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!