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Asus 6z phone is hanging and screen remains dark

Star I
My phone is hanging and freezing a lot. The screen is dark and does not turn on. However, everything else works in the background. I have tried calling from another number and it rings with black screen.
Trying hard reset also does not work. Phone goes to normal after 3 4 hours. This is so annoying.
Is anyone else facing this issue??

Community Legend I
Do you have a case or screen protector on your phone?

Hall of Fame III
This has happened to some people and will be fixed in next fota. Sorry for your inconvenience.

Star I
Facing a issue worse than that the screen is blackened out and not responding at all.

Rising Star I
It happened with me... But i tried hard reset in first 2 attempt nothing happened but in 3rd it worked.. For hard reset you need to press vol plus power button simultaneously.
Mods, can we know the reason why it is happening?