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Are our devices being nerfed?

Rising Star II
Under multiple occasions I have mentioned how ASUS is making the phone worse and worse, including but not limited to: breaking of pro mode (purple tint), breaking of GCam, breaking of battery life in Android 10. If our devices are being nerfed intentionally, mods please reply yes. We are fed up of the fake hope brought about by "community feedback" that never came to fruition.

Rising Star I
Do you realize how similar this forum is to OnePlus forums? All users on all OEMs are complaining about something and think they are being personally targeted by the company. Just relax.
SW development takes time, and I don't see any mention of official GCam support anywhere in the ZF6 feature list. Asus is not obliged in any way shape or form to support a 3rd party application that is not even targeted at non-google devices, ever wondered why they call it GCam-"MOD"?
I have upgraded to Q since day one and didn't face any major issues, of course I don't expect it to be perfect from the first shot, give it time and Asus will continue to improve performance over with updates.
But if you're THAT desperate and absolutely CANNOT wait then I can give you an answer:
YES, YOUR DEVICE IS NERFED DELIBERATELY. And the Earth is flat. Satisfied?

Rising Star II
I will remain calm despite your strong words and repeat once again, our devices used to work with GCam no problem, and the pro mode don’t have purple pink tint. After update .189 everything went downhill and nothing works. We are not asking for updates, we are not asking for features, we are asking for rollback of camera api change and patching of bugs. No one is asking asus to officially support GCam, in fact, they will get sued to bankruptcy if they actually do it, but the point is to not break existing software. Wonder how we feel with broken GCam out of the blue? Imagine Facebook broken suddenly one day. Don’t you dare focus on the name of GCam “mod”. I would prefer calling it a GCam adaption on this device, since installation of custom apps and software is allowed on this phone.