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Zenfone 5 Android 10 Update - "Don't Cheat Us More!"

Rising Star II

You released the latest software update on May 28. This version is android 9. And now we are in July. I want to state that we are on 21 July 2020. Android 10 was released on September 3, 2019. Can you understand? If you understand, I continue. There is an "11 months" period between September 3, 2019 and July 21, 2020. 11 months :). "When will the Android 10 update arrive?" When you say it, you give a single answer. "Our teams are working on a more stable update."

I wrote a lot of comments on this subject. I think he didn't understand. Therefore, I will explain in more detail.

Asus needs 11 months or more to release the "Pure" version of a stable update. Other brands need only 1 month with customized "UI".

If this is a lie, please correct it, but you will not be able to correct it.
You don't expect us. It is not waiting to give the update we want for 1 year. You're fooling us. You can be sure that we will never get Asus again. Are you aware? We are very pleased with the update of Asus and there is no one to answer that I will get Asus again. If you are not aware, you should be now. 1 year has passed: We did not get the android 10 update for 1 year like D joke. It really shouldn't be that hard. Sorry. Shame on you. The whole company cannot offer software. Keep dreaming of progress against your opponents. Because if it goes like this, it will remain a dream 🙂

I wish you a good day if your conscience is comfortable and you sleep at night waiting for us. Because I still have friendship. This is a matter of personality. Is your personality sufficient to respond to this complaint?

Rising Star II
Writing here does nothing but satisfy ourselves. no one has heard our voices for months

Rising Star I
I'm guys when you say you'll shift to a Pixel or OnePlus don't you guys realize that those devices a lot more like thrice or more compared to Zenfone 5 which is a mid ranger and not a flagship

Star II
Asus cannot protect its customers. It can't even do the two android system updates it promised. You are very slow and bad in terms of engineering software. we just want the product produced to stand behind. How many days we have been using the beta version. We want at least a date and information for the Android 10 version.

Star I
Here are some easy steps to resolve any kind of issue with any Asus smartphone, once the company does not show any kind of respect to its customers.
1 - Backup all your data (photos, storage, music etc).
2 - Turn off your phone.
3 - Use the special tool to remove the SIM card and the MicroSD card if present.
4 - Gather all accessories (charger, cable, phones) an place in a box or bag.
5 - Place that piece of s**t on the garbage.
6 - Buy another (decent) phone.
7 - Delete your Asus account to never more access this forum.
8 - Be happy. 🙂

Community Legend II
Hi friends!
The latest ZE620KL Android 10 Beta Version (WW-17.0615.2005.25) is now on ASUS website for downloading.
Sorry for any inconvenience it may cause. Thank you for your continuous support and patronage to ASUS.