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Rising Star II
If we buy a product from you, if we give installments for 2 months, if you pay the first month in full and pay half the fee for the second month? You will not. Similarly, we do not accept that Zenfone 5 does not accompany the android 10 update ZenUI. We bought this product because we love the ZenUI interface. Not for the Google pixel interface. Keep your word and do it right. It's been 1 year, there is still no update. How ridiculous it is to make a choice so that it wants android 9 that doesn't want to switch to ZenUI 10? If I can't use ZenUI features and can't get Android 10 on my phone, why did I go and buy asus? There were phones that were cheaper and have the same features as vanilla android. Don't let us down by destroying the reason we chose you. We have been waiting for Android 10 update for 1 year. I'm bored and angry now