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Zenfone 5 2018 Enter New Uptade!!!

Rising Star II
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: 16
Frequency of Occurrence: 9.0 pie
Rooted: No
APP Name: Don't understand

Hi Asus, phone, camera, charge capacity, performance, graphic quality etc. Updates. Significantly reduced. Please enter a new update. Especially in this update camera, graphics, charging and performance should be increased. Or I'il sell the phone. You destroyed the phone!

Star I
Hi yusufofficiall01, Good day. Are your firmware version currently on the WW-V16.0610.1901.74? Could you kindly tell me more details about these problems you encountered after the update? Thank you.

Rising Star II
Image quality has dropped, games are playing in a low way. The camera produces a pixel when 4x zoom is performed. When shooting with portrait mode, the picture is losing its naturalness. Portrait mode software beautification bad. Performance, Tense and freezing in my phone in the game began to experience muscle and freezing. The sound quality is higher than my phone. Auto Brightness, You've submitted a Hotfix update. She's back to her old self right now. Exiting the application An error occurs when you leave the application while the phone is horizontal. phone hangs, freezes. Facial recognition opens in 2-3 seconds and now opens in 3-4 seconds. Face recognition does not work in the dark environment. Charging capacity, 9 hours a day, no more than 5 hours of charge-free charge is not. Pie Update, Pie update incorrect. All the problems came up when I downloaded the pie update. Please, correct it.

Rising Star II
You're not helping us at all. You're just asking for versions. these issues have already appeared in the current version. You're trying to blame us. Please don't do this. Help us

Star III
Is it Asus or android 9 that we received is still buggy?