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surround sound (headset)??

Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: 15.0619.1810.73
Frequency of Occurrence: always
Rooted: No
APP Name: Spotify

Last edited by naradhipatiandaru123 on 2019/5/6 21:58 So i began listening to music with spotify on my zenfone 5, and i began to notice that with headphones/headset on (sony made) I didn't get that surround sound. On my Macbook Pro (2012) and my previous phone, the iPhone 5s, I could get that surround sound feeling with my headphones on. It's kind of bothering me.Is there a way to fix it? Jadi, saya mulai mendengar musik di spotify dengan zenfone 5 dan saya mulai sadar bahwa dengan headset, tidak ada surround sound. Padahal dengan MacBook Pro versi2012 dan iPhone 5s saya, saya bisa mendengar musik dengan baik dengan surround soundnya. Ini menggangu saya, apakah ada solusi atau memenag seperti ini?