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Other speaker can't hear me if I cover the ambiant sound microphone with ear

Star I
Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: PPR1.180610.009.WW_Phone-16.0615.1908.109
Frequency of Occurrence: All the time under certain conditions
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Hello, I have an Asus Zenfone 5 phone running android 9 and having the latest updates. Overall I appreciate the phone performance but there is a very annoying problem that I need to find a solution for. Whenever I am in a call, if I place my ear on the upper edge of the phone where there is the ambient sound microphone, the other person can't hear me anymore! I tried covering the upper microphone with some tape and the problem was solved, but then talking on speaker was not possible anymore. The problem happens all the time when I am talking to people on the phone. What could I do about this? Thank you