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Notch Masking during calls

Star III
Model: ZS620KL
Firmware/APP Version: .175
Frequency of Occurrence: When in a call
Rooted: No
APP Name: Call interface

Last edited by Rowan_Kafle on 2019/3/9 07:53 The previous issue of pixel peeking during calls has been fixed thanks to Asus and the moderators for support. The current interface looks outdated for a notch device. I'll add a screenshot of the current interface and a custom designed one to show how it could be improved. I have a question for the moderators 1. Does Asus really look on to the Ideas posted in the Idea for next section? 2. Do they work on it to provide the best to the users? If so, why are there so many great Ideas which could have been implemented, but hasn't been yet for months and years? I hope Asus works on this issue Thank you.

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For me, it is good to have a stimulating color in status bar, while in call. I may forget if i am in a call.

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Last edited by Rowan_Kafle on 2019/2/27 13:27 The color could still be stimulated as you could see on the screenshot above. it's just that the entire screen won't be covered with that color but just a small icon would be. They could put the blinking effect though for better visibility. Not the blinking timer like in current UI(cause you'd have to wait a second to view the call duration), but instead blinking color and not the timer itself.

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Hi Rowan_Kafle, Good day. I would suggest you update the system to the latest version WW- for a check. Thank you. 🙂