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No sound/beep/vibration after any call has ended in silent/vibration profile.

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Model: ZS620KL
Firmware/APP Version: WW-
Frequency of Occurrence: Everytime
Rooted: No
APP Name:

Last edited by adityapruthi2001 on 2020/4/5 22:38 There is no notification (sound or vibration) when the call has ended in the silent or vibration profile after the android 10 update. Neither does the screen turn on since proximity sensor is on. It was there before android 10, it is a must feature... As sometimes we presume the person has not yet ended the call from his her side, we would keep the phone on our ear.. Besides post after sometime i realise the call was ended minutes ago. I cannot keep on checking again and again by removing phone from my ear. Please asus... Restore the sound or provide a vibration after a call ends..... It would really help. Humble request to you. Peace.

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Why can't I reply in the zentalk app??? It says you are not authorized to post im this forum.... What's happening?????
Please someone reply???..

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And why can't i find the zentalk app on the play store???

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Please someone reply.... Is anyone duplicating this issuee...??

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Any moderator listening to this issue???