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Merhaba Asus

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Sizin 5z telefonu aldığım için çok memnunum. Yalnız son güncellemeler dolayı bazı gerilemeler oldu. Az da olsan ekran parlaklığı eskisinden azaldı. Birde oyunlarda bazen uyarıları kapattığını halde uyarı gelebiliyor. Birde android pie güncellemesi de çağrı yapan kişinin ismini söylemesi yok. Android'e sizin belirtmeniz de fayda var. Bu tarz modellerimiz çıkacakmı. Teşekkürler. Başarılar.

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He says,  1) screen brightness became a bit low after pie update. (I dont agree) 2) Even i close notifications, sometimes i get them while playing (he mentions about game genie, i think. I dont know).  3) And during an incoming call, caller ID is not being anounced along with ringtone (I am not sure   this feature existed even in oreo).

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ozgur.105 posted on 2019/3/15 02:27 He says,  1) screen brightness became a bit low after pie update. (I dont agree) 2) Even i clos ...
Hi ozgur.105 , Thanks for your help.:loveliness:

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Last edited by Emilee_ASUS on 2019/3/18 10:43 Hi m.firat34, Good day. Could you tell me wheater your firmware is currently on WW- (settings> system > about phone > software information.) (1.) Could you kindly tell me in which scenario do you encounter the screen brightness became a bit? Please kindly use another device to film a video about this matter for our reference. (2.) Please kindly show me how do you close the app's notifications and your screenshot of game genie set-up. Does any specific app easier to cause this problem to occur? (3.) We don't support the incoming call announce feature on ZS620KL. If you would like to suggest this as an improvement to our RD team please feel free to post your needs in the "Idea for next" section, at the following: Posts in that section will be highly considered by our team Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day. :) I would suggest you can post your inquiry in English next time. Sorry for any inconvenience.