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Issues on Zenfone 5Z

Rising Star II

Model Name: Zenfone 5Z (ZS620KL)
Firmware Version:
Frequency of Occurrence: everyday
Until everything was fine. Then on the same firmware (.46) fingerprint reader started to not unlock sometimes when screen is off and it's slower. I have to put the finger 2 times, but not always. I tried to solve with factory reset. I didn't solve the problem.
Now on latest firmware .70 i also face lags/frame drops everywhere sometimes. When i close all recent apps it runs well, no lags, but then they come back. An example when they occur: when i scroll between windows from left or right. It's frustrating.
Asus what's happening? What are you doing? Please fix these issues. I'm not the only one who face these issues. I am truly frustrated. I can't stand these problems. I' m considering to not buy Asus phones anymore because it's absurd

Rising Star II
Same problem exists.... Tried factory reset too..... Still have to apply 3-4 times to unlock phone. Pls see this problem.

Rising Star II
You can see the frame drops sometimes. Animation lags or frame drops

Star I

Hi Radu,

For fingerprint problem, we suggest that you try removing the previous fingerprint data and set up new ones. Please check if the problem is improved after this. If not, please tell us how long it takes to unlock while screen off. Does this happen every time?

For the lagging problem, could you show us a short video of the problem?

Thank you 🙂

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I've got the same problem.
Tried everything as above. It takes 2-3 tries to read when the screen is locked.

Star II
Asus zenfone 5z = frame drop and lags bad experience

Star II
Animation are not smoothly please short this problem