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Issue after update to Android 10

Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: Ww_100_04.4498_20191115
Frequency of Occurrence: Ones
Rooted: No
APP Name: -

Hi , I just update my Asus 5z to Android 10. I am facing below challenge 1. Fingerprint sensor is very slow now 2. Phone is not waking up easily it takes around 4-5 second to open the phone. 3. Face detection is not working. 4. Over all phone is very slow now. 5. It's taking time to unlock the system

Zen Master I
Hi jainprateek0304, 1. Please try clearing your previous fingerprint data and set them up again. If the problem still appears, please tell us is it slow when unlocking with the screen on or off? 2. How long has the phone stayed in sleep mode before you tried to wake it up? Did you wake it up with the power key or what kinds of methods? 3. Please try clearing the previous face data and set it up again. 4. In which parts does it feel slow? 5. What do you mean by unlocking the system? Thank you 🙂