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I'm experiencing battery drain issue with 5z

Model: ZE620KL
Firmware/APP Version: dont know
Frequency of Occurrence: dont know
Rooted: No
APP Name:

I've been using 5z for 8 months everything work fine, until recently that its battery can no longer last me a day. 30 minutes or screen on time on a Reddit app is enough to take down 20%.PowerMaster showed that my battery temperature is at over 100 degree F.I'm not using any 3rd party battery saver, BTW.

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Hi movieseriesworld, Good day. Could you kindly help me check whether your firmware is currently on WW- (settings> system> about phone > software information> build number) (1.) Do you keep any apps in the background or download any apps when using 30 minutes on a Reddit app? Could you tell me whats the percentage of the battery when you start to use? Does the battery consumption still occur if you remove the Reddit app? (2.) If your Mobile manager is currently on version, and Power Master on version, please kindly restore it for a check. (settings> apps & notifications > see all apps >Mobile manager / Power Master > storage & memory >clear storage & cache.) Thank you.

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I am also on aame firmwware WW- and facing same kind of issue. screen on has been reduced and battery drops about 20% overnight. 

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sourabhdsa posted on 2019/5/5 20:21 I am also on aame firmwware WW- and facing same kind of issue. screen on has been reduce ...
Hello sourabhdsa, Good day. Do you mean the battery drains fast on idle? Could you please kindly help me update the firmware to the latest WW- for a check? If this problem is still there after the update, please kindly let me know. Thank you. 🙂