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AudioWizard and DTS X feature missing in Zenfone 5 ZE620kl after updating to android 10

Star I
Hello and Good day everyone. I would just like to ask for some help here. I just updated my device (Zenfone 5 ZE620KL) to android 10 today as posted in the product's support page. I noticed that asus apps and zenui got stripped off. But that's fine. Until i noticed that even the DTS X feature was also removed. Can anyone help me in restoring the feature or is it still planned to be fixed?. Thanks in advance for answering.

Star III
I think the DTS X feature missing because the software is still Pure Android(+BETA), and still not modified at all.. maybe it will comeback when the software is using ZenUI(or modified)....

Star II
I have the same issue. The sound really sucks now and thats very awful. I hope they get us a nice update to fix everything and not just the sound.

the same happen to my phone, some features disappeared, game genie, multi window, audio wizard, mobile manager, that sucks, I'm hoping all of this will return when they release a modified firmware of Android 10

Zen Master I
Hi Mark Vincent,
Android 10 developer version of ZE620KL comes with stock Android system.
Therefore, ZenUI features and apps may not be available.
If this affects your normal use, you may downgrade to Android Pie:
Thank you 🙂