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Androud10 aggressivly kills background app

Star I
Model: ZS621KL
Firmware/APP Version: Android10
Frequency of Occurrence: Regular
Rooted: No
APP Name: Any app

Hi there, The new Androud10 OS aggressively kills the background task .i open Spotify, minimise, then go to FB or Instagram only to know the Spotify app is killed,same thing happens with VPN.Even now when I minimise zentalk to view the firmware version,the ZenFone app is restarted..I tried restarting the phone and even went through battery and developer option with no avail..any app I put in the background is killed within a minute or two..please help. Also this is clean install of the new OS(factory reset)

Star II
Yes !! I've tried three Music Players all are killed by os aggressively in background, some gets killed very soon while others get killed after a delay or when you just pause the song. Also my VPN gets killed randomly. But not all apps get killed in background, Google photos doesn't gets killed even after long duration

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Yes me too facing this issue... Music player get stopped automatically after 10 to 15 sec when we minimize

Community Legend II
Dear all, This issue has been notified and now under investigation. Thank you.