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What happened to the Asus DLC Net?

Hey Guys I'm Aeron, _If i could ask, what really happened to the asus download center? Because I'm gonna attach some aosp to my phone to run my productivity apps because, some of my apps won't work, why is it. *I don't have job yet to change phone pl...

How can I update my android version?

Hello, my phone model is ASUS_Z01KD, and my current android version is Android 8.0.0,I would like to know how can i update my android version, at least update to android 10, because i found that there are some apps don't support my phone anymore, and...

Icon Bar & Navigation Button Error

my phone just had issues which is the action bar didn't showed. also the home and recent navigation didn't work ( but the back button still work ) the issues still continue , i can't installing any application in PlayStore its keep "Pending" even i h...

qael7 by Star I
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Resolved! Want an Android 13 or 14 jump update.

Dear Asus members, I would like some Zenfone os update for my Android 8.1 zen 4 selfie I really wanted some update to android 13 or 14 cuz my apps and sometimes my ui not responding plss can I have or can we have some update?? 

How can I update my ZenFone 4 ZE554KL

Model: ZE554KLNot rootedI can't  update my phone to the latest version there's  no button to check for an update tried updating it automatically  but it hasn't notified me that there is obeMy phone is still in android 7.1.1Please help me 

Pembaruan sistem zenfone 4 max

Saya tidak bisa memperbarui  zenfone 4 max saya secara manual di website resmi asus. Masih di android 7.1  WW_ZC520KL-14.2016.17010.355 belum pernah update sebelumnya. Ingin upgrade ke versi android 8.1. Mohon bantuannya

Ismee by Star I
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How can I fix my asus zenfone 4?

I have this left over phone I decided I'd root because I needed a mobile version of kali linux and I though the rootless way was too restrictive of its features and I wanted to learn hands on how the operating system worked in a phone. So I go throug...