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Zenbook UM425IA - The battery won't charge and the battery indicator is blinking

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System: Windows 10 Home
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: Asus zenbook UM425IA
Frequency of occurrence: once per week
Reset OS: I did not try
Screenshot or video: unfortunately I don't have any video, next time that will occur I will record one.
Detailed description: Sometimes my laptop won't charge.. (it's showing that it's charging but it's not), I tried reinstalling the battery drivers but it won't help. Only way which helped was restarting the laptop several times and on the 5th time it worked. (this happened like 4 days ago for the 3rd time or so.) When I ran the MyAsus hardware diagnostics it showed problems with adapter. After restart everything was fine.
The battery indicator on the left was blinking.
This issue: The led next to the power button was also blinking.

Here is screenshot... I did get this problem now also when the battery is charging.
+ I did get the battery problem which never happened before


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Hello @windtreader ,
Please update the BIOS I send your in the PM.
And also update MyASUS v2.2.36.0 & ASUS System Control Interface v2.2.28.0 from Windows update/ My ASUS update or from official support website for the diagnose tool issue.
Thank you.

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Hi Blake, i managed to update my bios using the bios installer for windows from My ASUS, it managed to solve my battery charging problem, without using the BIOS file you gave me, will keep using this BIOS version.
if i were to use your BIOS UX425IAAS.306, do i copy over the file in the BIOs installer?
i was able to find the MyASUS v2.2.36.0 from the microsoft store and ASUS system control interface v2.2.28.0 from the official webpage

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Hello @windtreader ,
The one I send you is the same as the "BIOS for EZ flash Utility"
Thank you.

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Hey @Blake_ASUS
I am using UM425IA and just received this laptop on 1 October. I have the same problem; orange flicking LED light when charging. I tried to download the BIOS file but I am unable to since my battery is below 20%. What can I do?

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I bought this laptop on the 28th September and am having the same problem. How do I solve this?