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zenbook s13 UX392FN; i7 8565U throttled to below 70C

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Model: s13 UX392FN
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS: no
Screenshot or video: -
Detailed description:
Hello, I have a question regarding the maximum attainable turbo-boost frequency on the i7 8565U in this laptop. I ran the cinebench r15 CPU multi benchmark a few months ago after receiving the laptop as I wanted to make sure that I was undervolting the system efficiently (-110mV stable). When running the benchmark I saw that the cpu would reach ~4.2GHz for the first benchmark and get a very high score and then consecutive benchmarks would be lower since the CPU would throttle to stop temps reaching much over 90C.
I recently decided to re-run the benchmark (the laptop has since been updated numerous times with new windows and MyAsus software and now I see that when the same benchmark is running (100% on all 4 cores/8 threads) the cpu is immediately limited to ~3.1GHz and the temperature is limited to 70C. I would rather the CPU go up to it's max frequency on all cores than have the laptop throttling before it even gets above 70C. Is this a decision that has been made by Asus in the software?? Or perhaps intel? Can I get around this?
Thanks for any answers 🙂