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ZenBook Pro Duo UX581 Service request Fans not cooling

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I have been having issues with my ZenBook being extremely hot since I received it and have not been able to talk to anyone. I purchased a fan to go underneath and that doesn't even help. When I do my Asus and try to put in a repair ticket the page says Internal service 500 to check back in 15 minutes. Then no one answers when I phone. This has been going on for 6 months. I finally talked to someone and they said they would call back within 24-48 business hours. It has been over 120 hours and I can't even find my case number online. I have literally spent hours on the support sights and doing everything that they say and nothing seems to help. Any suggestions are welcome. I am over the top frustrated and I need this for my ZenBook for school as I only do it online. I have not been able to finish tests that are timed due to the fact that it heats up so much and freezes and I have to do a hard reboot. Please any help I would be grateful. I have attached a screenshot
of the page that shows when I go from my asus to put in a repair order. Thank you

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Hi there,
May I know your BIOS number and can you describe more about the heating issue?
Like how long after you use which program that the laptop started to heat up, does the internal fan start to spin?
Did you run the diagnostic tool in MyASUS?
If you would like to send the device to service , you can try our online RMA

Online RMA Instructions
Thank you.