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Wi-Fi is not connected at 5 MHz

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Model: Asus ZenBook Pro Duo UX581GV
Description: Wi-Fi is not connected at 5 MHz
System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Reset OS: No
Frequency of Occurrence: Always

Dear Forum, Everything works on the machine, but I can't connect to 5Mhz Wi-Fi, though it appears in the list of available networks. Many of my devices (phone, radio) use the 5MHz band provided by the Asus RT-AC56U router. When connecting, a "cannot connect" message appears. What to do? Thank you in advance for your answer: Gyula

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Hello Gyula, May you try to update the wireless driver? and "forget" this hotspot then tyr to connect it again? Also, please try to connect another 5MHz hot spot, or only one device connecting the that 5MHz hot spot. and does the 2.4MHz working for you? Thank you.

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Hello Blake! Thank you for your quick reply! Unfortunately, I have already tried updating the Wi-Fi driver, which of course I downloaded from ASUS. The 5MHz band, as I mentioned, is used by my other device (Sangean WFR 28C, Huawei P20 Pro) they have no problem. I also tried to "forget" and then reconnected, but again the message "could not connect" appeared. One thing is very strange! Whenever I want to connect to a 5 MHz network, I always ask for the network password! This is strange because in the 2.4MHz network, it never does, but connects. That is, you remembered the password! Please help! I got stuck! I am very confident that we are not facing a hardware failure. Yours sincerely, Gyula

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Dear Forum, Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi issue still exists, but I have another issue. On the front of the laptop (where the display can be opened) There is a row of LEDs. My question is how to turn it off, given that this is not stated in the user manual. If at all possible. Thanks, Gyula Szabó

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The LEDs are primarily there for Alexa support. There is a download for the Alexa drivers on the ZenBook Pro Duo product page near the bottom in the Alexa section. Other than that, if you are on AC power the LEDs stay on all of the time. They only turn off if you are running on battery.