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Valve Index VR won't connect to Zenbook Pro Duo UX581GV-XB94T

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Model: Zenbook Pro Duo UX581GV-XB94T
Frequency of occurrence: Always
Reset OS: No
Screenshot or video: N\A
Detailed description:I cannot get my Valve Index VR headset to connect to this laptop with the Cable Matters USB C to DisplayPort adapter, and the Valve Index will not work with HDMI.
Does the Thunderbolt 3 port connect to the RTX 2060, or the Intel UHD 630 graphics?
I'm curious if anyone has used the Valve Index with the Zenbook Pro Duo

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Hello zacharysides,
We had been tested on this issue just a while ago, and it is very likely related to the compatibility of adapters.
Please kindly change one.
Thank you.

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Having the same issue, how do you 'change one' ?
The issue is using a tb3 to displayport adapter it is only connecting to the UHD 630, as is the desktop.
Only when you run a game will it use asus link adapter (which will then be listed as a separate monitor in addition to desktop, with the HMD listed as another, still connected to the UHD 630).
Opening the TB3 applet doesn't give any options with the tb3 to dp adapter, on its own or with the HMD plugged into it, no way to tell it to use the RTX 2060 by default.
For reference I'm using the KiWiBird TB3 to displayport adapter, but I don't think it's the adapters compatibility, it's that you can't select the graphics card the port uses.
I'm wondering if an egpu would suffer the same problems.

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I specially selected a Cable Matters adaptator for the same use. It can output 8K no problem and it has been working just fine with an output to a second monitor but when I try to connect it to the valve, steam VR ask me to switch the screen mode from duplicated to extended. The problem is that everytime I do that it instantly come back to duplicated.
I think the problem is Asus gestion of the second screens. As a professional working a lot with VR I do need my 3500€ machine to work with a Valve and have a functionnal thunderbolt port. Either the support give us a way around this either Asus need to work on a update for their flagship computer. It is innaceptable to not think of some problem as bad as this.
And please don't tell me to change again my adaptator, it has been the third time I order one and I know this one is working on other pc.

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My UX581 exhibits this same behavior of reverting from extended to mirrored, and steam VR giving that error.
I did buy this laptop with an eye it was VR capable/ready, because its specifications are far greater than my desktop PC it should work much better, otherwise I could of just bought a new desktop for less.
Plus my desktop PC is in a small room, only really capable of using the Index for seated VR, where the laptop would give me the flexibility to use a larger (temporary) space.