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UX482 discharge rate

Star I
System: Win 11
Battery or AC: Battery
Model: ux 482eg with a mx450 and i5
Frequency of occurrence: always
Reset OS:
Screenshot or video:
Detailed description: These are the stats appeared when I wrote this message and listened to a music video. Both screens on and whit 50 % brightness . Battery save on , etc. I wanna cry :


Rising Star II
Thanks for posting your results! I have been following battery usage issues for this model since it was released. At best conditions you should get 4W usage at idle and average should be around 6-12W. A couple options for you:
1) You could contact Blake and get the team to look at the energy logs to see what is happening on your system
2) You could do the above yourself if you feel confident enough
3) I speculate that there is some kind of bug with the sleep states (though I don't know enough about it to really be sure) but you can try to put your PC into a different power mode using Fn+F on the laptop keyboard, this will switch between Performance, Balanced and Whisper modes. Also switch the Windows battery saver on for some time and see if it helps/stabilises your idle usage.
4) You could try to update all drivers/BIOS/firmware to the latest. I know when I first started with my UX482EG it had about 20W idle usage but I think after a few updates it was down to 7W. Now I can run at around 4.2W most of the day but it has been a long road to get this far.
After you've tried any of these things come back here to let us know if they worked or not. Sharing this information will help other Zenbook Duo users. My only wish is that everyone who bought this device could see what it is like to have 12+ hours battery life 🤟 At this level of endurance it easily competes with a MacBook for day-to-day usage!
Best of luck with everything.