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UX431F Fn and Ctrl keys reversed - two machines!

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: Fn and Ctrl keys reversed
Model: UX431F
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

I have now received my second UX431F Laptop from NewEgg. BOTH machines have the Ctrl key on the lower left of the keyboard and the Fn key next to it reversed. To rephrase, the Fn key behaves like the Ctrl key is supposed to, and the Ctrl key behaves like the Fn key is supposed to. When I got the first one, I chatted with ASUS Tech Support for hours and we couldn't fix it. I was told the chipset was bad and to send it back. NewEgg didn't have any ideas on the problem so I sent it back and they sent a replacement. The replacement arrived just now. First thing I did was test the Fn and Ctrl keys. Again, they function opposite of what they are supposed to. Does anybody have any clue what is going on? This was going to be my third Zenbook, I am (was!) a satisfied customer. But now I'm spending a lot of time on this, and I need to get back to work! Thanks for any help, EdB Brand new UX431F, Windows 10, i7 1.8, 16gb, 512 SSD

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So, are the keys labeled in correctly? If so, you might try swapping the key caps. If not, I wonder if perhaps the keyboard in your system isn’t a US keyboard. Finally, you might be able to find a utility that would allow you to remap your keyboard keys as a last option before abandoning this particular model. Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply. The Ctrl and Fn keys are different sizes, so there's no chance they're swapped. Ctrl is 2cm, Fn is 1.5cm. When I contacted ASUS tech the first time, they said the chipset was bad. I bought this from NewEgg in California (where I also live) so if it's a different country's keyboard that would be a surprise. All the other keys seem to work correctly. I'll do a more thorough test and get back. Meanwhile: is there anybody from ASUS on this forum? Maybe they could help. EdB

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ejbsfo posted on 2020/3/8 03:49 Thanks for the reply. The Ctrl and Fn keys are different sizes, so there's no chance they're swapped ...
try this open command prompt with administrator rights type ctfmon.exe then try to use ctrl and fn keys

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Thanks for the reply. I tried ctfmon.exe, no change. Tried again with a reboot, no change. I've been doing some experimenting, and it seems Fn is not working properly only with F1-F12 keys. For example: Fn+F5 ahould brighten the display. It does nothing in a Windows environment. Weirdly, in Notepad, it inserts the date and time: 12:21 PM 08-Mar-20. OTOH, Ctrl+F5 in or out of Windows makes the screen brighten. This is a weird problem. Other Fn+Fx key combinations also behave unexpectedly as well, depending on what app you're in/not in at the time. Any new ideas? Thanks, Ed