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Using Asus Zenscreen MB16AC external monitors with Zenbook UX434FLC-XH77

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Hello Everyone!
I am on the verge of purchasing the Asus Zenbook UX434FLC-XH77 (it's actually sitting in my cart now on Amazon), to replace my current Macbook Pro. My current rig utilizes dual Asus Zenscreen MB16AC external USB-C monitors (with Eye Care), and works exceptionally well. As I have been researching the use of external monitors with the Zenbook, I've came across several references to the USB ports on the Zenbook not being capable of being used for video. Does anyone know if this is true for the Zenscreen as well? I have 2 different USB-C hubs (one from HooToo; another from Upvich). Both have 100 watt PD and multiple USB 3.0 ports. Could either of them be used?

Thanks in advance for your replies!

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Hello world2er,
All USB ports on this model does not support display export.
Thank you.