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Sleep state Resume BSOD

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System: Windows 10
Battery or AC: AC
Description: resume from Sleep state BSOD
Model: UX533FD
Frequency of Occurrence: Always
Reset OS: Yes

Last edited by defyanse on 2019/12/23 10:50 I thought I'd give this a shot here to see if I'd have better luck finding a resolve. Issue on two brand new UX530 series Zenbooks (UX533 & UX534) where both resume from a sleep state with wireless & bluetooth disabled. Only way to restore the adapters is a shutdown and power up. A restart results in a BSOD and driver_state_power failure message. I've pretty much tried everything I know, including a clean rebuild, factory recovery, and using only ASUS download drivers, or Intel Driver support scans, or manual driver downloads from the Intel site. Latest BIOS v3.04 installed too. I also tried manually updating the individual Intel devices with drivers by selecting driver update from the device manager, but nothing seems to work, so I have had to disable the Sleep function altogether. Also I don't ever hear the fan coming on, but a WhySoSlow analysis indicates intermittent CPU overheating issues which seems to be very common with the Zenbook series, apparently. Other tests including UserBenchMark indicate the CPU is consistently being throttled, due to this overheating issue, I gather? Any help would really be appreciated. (16GB Ram, 512GB SSD) This is not a game machine, not even solitaire. nVidia studio driver installed for business only use. Thx!

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Hello defyanse, Sorry that I'm confused about your description. So your laptop can not resume from sleep mode successfully, and has BSOD. If you disable wireless and bluetooth before enter sleep mode, then it can resume successfully? Were the wireless and bluetooth connected to Wifi or other device before entering sleep mode? Were you connecting any other external device through USB port? Thank you.